Welcome Messages

Master’s Message:

Fellow TREXmen – It has been several years since the Golden Gate Chapter has had the honor of hosting the Annual Convention, so it is with great pleasure that we welcome you and your families to beautiful San Francisco – our Enchanted City. We have planned several interesting and wonderful events that are unique to San Francisco in order to give you an incomparable and distinctive weekend. Even with these plans, it is only by your attending all the various events that your weekend will, indeed, be memorable and magical. Welcome to San Francisco,

Gary Naman – Master Golden Gate Chapter

Convention Chairman’s Message:

Dear Brothers, I’m so proud of the work our Convention Planning Committee has done in our effort to provide you the best convention weekend possible. We recognize that things just cost more in San Francisco, so we’ve tried to pack as much into each activity as possible in an effort to make it all worth your participation. I also encourage your quick response and activity registration, since many of our plans depend on “projected” participant numbers and advance payments. We’re really excited to welcome you to the Bay Area, and we hope this Labor Day – Triple X Weekend leaves you with many fond memories. Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Garo Mirigian – Convention Committee Chair Golden Gate Chapter